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Default Re: The Ultimate Test in Freemasonry

To Mason:
"Maybe this is too much dot-connecting for some. After all, there should be some sort of bizarre, astronomically unlikely event with huge hidden occult/Masonic messages to signify that, yes, indeed, the New World Order is here, and Denver is where it is being run at. A clue that would repeatedly use important occult numbers such as 3 (for trinity), 7 (for perfection), and 13 (for bad luck.)"
:-o Well ah thats why the site exists!Its club conspiracy!.
If you dont like wasting your precise time with us immature nutjobs you could simply find something more valuable to do with your time like ahh several underage hookers maybe, than attempting to unpersuade hardcore conspiracy nuts!. :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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