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Default Re: PROVEN: Construction of The Beast is underway.

Bouncer: Yes, I understand your reference of the 'beast' when associating it to the most inhuman of a human being.

What I'm talking about is the actually vision people have of some devilish looking, cloaked, horned, firery-eye looking entity.

There are those that will post a article showing this creature as symbology of the type of human that will come to rule. Yes, I understand that. However, I'm alarmed to actually have heard by speaking to people who truly believe a
creature-like appearance of this ruler. Do you realize how many simple-minds are out there with this vision of said-mentioned? To me, it appears that people give power to the 'beast' just by always acknowledging him/it!!!!!!!

I mean, golly, what the f---!

And as far as Hitler, Saddam: yes, they were 'beasts'. And still I say, who kept these beasts 'alive'? Who fired the flame of their hunger for power? Who and how many 'followed' these beasts!

Think! PEOPLE and only PEOPLE give/allow power for and to the 'beast'.

Again (to underscore), if anyone thinks that an actual beasty-creature/man thing is coming..... Halloween is over with a few months now.
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