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Default Re: PROVEN: Construction of The Beast is underway.

jellybelly wrote:

There are those of you who 'participate' in the 'fool-making' of others.

No folks, even if one can think it and therefore it can be... I personally do not think we should alarm ourselves with this whole Devil, Satan, Beast crap!

Let's get off our butts and go after the HUMANS that are detroying our kids, communities, schools, homes, jobs, economy, health and such....and pushing crap in our face!

Let's confront issues that don't make sense:
911, Iraq, starving third-world countries, lack of jobs, billions spent on space missions, lack of affordable housing, current diseases, made-up diseases, poison in our water and foods. Yes, let's go after those things that are 'stirred' by the HUMAN HAND not some beast!

That'll be the day, when I turn the TV on and some 'beast' is parading around and I'm supposed to believe this is some entity that the Bible says exists, or some godly-create man created for us to bow to!!! Baloney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you like this kind of stuff....then go and worry about this 'beast'.

I still say, they're all laughing to the bank!!


I think your not understanding what the point of the thread is JB, The Beast is not a literal creature, Nobodys saying that! The Beast is a World Wide System of Computers and Intelligence
operatives of the Globalist Illuminati One World Goverment, Who "SEEK" to Enslave Humankind.

Obviously a Dummy like you has no clue as to what you are writing, Because Its very clear and known to Millions worldwide that THE BEAST is real in every sense of the word. Just because you are a NON-BELEIVER in God or Jesus, and the HOLY BIBLE doesnt make you a expert on this subject, I suggest you go to Above top or other New_Age Sites, you'll feel right at home there.

No offense but you are the one who's having the WOOL PULLED OVER YOUR EYES! Good Day...
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