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What Is The Truth ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Another thing I find true about the “truth,” is that, once you find something to be “true,” the truth is “contagious,” very “contagious,” & at that point no one can change your mind back to believing “falsehoods.” Why, simply because the “truth” makes things so “clearly visible,” you then know who’s lying & who’s telling the “truth.”

So, for example, if the CNN poll of just recently shows that 83 % of respondents believe & know that there is something very wrong about the official story, those people are now so convinced, they are not going to be converted back to the “ignorant fools” they once were. Now they are going to be that much more eager & thirsty for “truth.”

For example,

"I guarantee that this member of the 9/11 Commission pulled out at the last moment because they think that by simply replying to Asner and Hicks and the comments of Charlie Sheen, he would be giving credence to their statements. This is a strategic move on their part to quash debate and avoid having to actually answer the hard questions about 9/11 which the 9/11 Commission failed to do. This stonewalling technique will not work forever - there are too many people waking up to their whitewash." - Alex Jones

"The dam is finally breaking. Delta Force Founder Eric Haney has spoken out in the press about the "War on Terrorism" being bogus and how there is no real threat to the United States. The 9/11 Truth Movemet has reached critical mass and is now exploding. The perpetrators of 9/11 have got to be concerned as more and more people across the globe wake up to the 9/11 hoax."

CNN Fears 911 Truth - Cancels Ed Asner's Appearance

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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