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Yes, I think its good that people are waking up en-mass. My girlfriend called me today to tell me that people were talking of the Illuminati and the world domination (NWO) conspiracy - on a popular radio station, while she was driving to work (a very active time for radio, lots of listeners).

Its better to be aware than to be in a box of ignorance, however, this situation is not good.
They have played us like puppets, and now our actions are so very predictable.

With the release of the (box office hit) film 'V for Vendetta', a lot of people were gravely misdirected. There are no such things as bulletproof, superhuman superheroes. You cant topple government with a mask and 6 daggers. Also, blowing up parliament with a train full of RDX is not going to cause them any major damage. They are the dragon with 9 heads.

Basically, violent revolt will result in our enslavement, not our liberation. This is because we will not succeed! The 'Powers' have a military force that makes our silly militias obsolete. Physical revolt will result in thousands if not millions of civilian deaths, and a perfect reason to implement a NWO system or police state.
Can you see how it makes perfect sense that they WANT us to find out about what they did on 9/11? How they want us to know just enough to cause an uprising.

This is clockwork for them. They have modelled the public psychology. Now all they have to do is CHECKMATE.

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