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Default Re: For those looking to speak their minds

It will depend on if the congress is taken over in November, if the dems do take back both houses of congress, we no doubt will have a major hit, because they won't take the chance that the axe gets turned on their past deeds.
He'll declare Martial Law, and we'll be screwed again, only if the congress brings him up on charges of incompetance, which demands that he be taken out, even if Martial Law is enacted to secure the nation, don't get me wrong I hate most Democrats, but I'm going to have to vote for them just so we might see these major pricks tried for treason, I'll just try to vote for the better Democrat in the primaries, if one is for open borders or the patriot act, I'll vote for the other.
So we all need to be knowledgable at the time of the primaries to get the lesser of two evils to move forward towards the main event.
At least thats where my thinking takes me, also my state has already posted possible candidates that will be running for the November elections, so right now its time for me to find out what their worth.
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