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Default Re: Criminals in white face

Akbar I think you are being a bit biased. Also, you are generalizing. Maybe in parts of America there may be the problems that you talk about, but in places like Africa, its the black men who are usually the rapists.
Ill bet you didnít know that in South Africa, every 25 seconds a woman is raped. Women in South Africa hate black men, regardless of the womanís colour. Black women despise black men more than anyone. One, who tries to be liberal and say that it is unfair to distrust black men because of this, has simply not lived in Africa before.

I have very rarely witnessed rapist-like behaviour from a white guy in SA (besides the cops), but ALL THE TIME, black guys do display this sick urge. Its not my opinion, its blatant fact, ok?

My girlfriend tells me often how black dudes chase her down the streets screaming 'I WANA F**K YOU!' or sticks their heads into her car and tries to grope her, hurt her or steal from her. Can you imagine my anger!? Imagine my RAGE, but also my conflicting obligation to NOT be angry because of my desire for spiritual growth. What a predicament. But God, if I ever caught someone doing that to ANYONE, theyd be in jail hospital or borderline dead in no-time. How can someone be so evil?

My point is, you cant say white men rape more than black men, because it is simply not true. You cant say that white rapists are under toned, because then I can say black rapists are under toned HERE, which is true! And there is more rape here, than anywhere in the world. Its not a racial thing for me, but basically, I donít think your claims are fair and are in fact, only from a very minute opinion, and from a microscopic perspective.

The reality is, there are loads of damned scumbags in the world, and degenerate society creates them. So where are the degenerate societies?
Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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