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Default Re: Letters prepare Sept. 11 families for release of 911 calls
Try this link for one man's answer to that question. The external antennas proposed for commercial flights are still on the drawing board, so we can rule that out.
In the article cited above, given is the theory that some of the scheduled passengers were detained on the ground and forced to make calls maintain the hoax. With the talent and technology available to impersonate someone, it was not necessary to coerce a victim to counterfeit a distress call; it could have been done by a trained covert operator, and in fact the cell phone signature could have been forged, as well.
LaDominio: if you take a portrait (preferreably a photograph) of someone and reduce the lighting, after about a minute or two the picture does sometimes appear to be talking, and in fact will speak familiar phrases, etc. Perhaps this is the phenomenon behind certain types of idol worship? You know, "Meditate on the image of Google-O and he will answer your prayers . . ."
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