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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

The purpose of life seems to me to be as clear as night and day...

To learn the ways of good and evil in order to gain the ability to discern without judgment the origins of the energies surrounding us constantly in our daily lives and to gain understanding of these forces true underlying motives for purposes which remain and will remain unknown while in the flesh. These are the two basic ruling forms of energy (+/-) and they govern all that we do and all that we have ever done in this realm.

The purpose of life ia to align ourselves with the truth... where love is one of the many rewards.

These are mere "concepts" in this physical life and can only be obtained in their true form once we are no longer bound by the illusions of the flesh and the illusions of the senses (love, peace, harmony, justice, wisdom, compassion, truth, etc. - soul)

The senses are "finite" where concepts such as truth and soul are "infinite".

There are those meant to see and hear and those not.

I for one tend to keep these thoughts to myself in order to prevent the possibility of hindering one's ability to think for themselves and therefore have the necessary "realizations" thst come along with such information. Never rely on man to lead you to God. Allow mankind and it's actions to instesd reinforce your faith once these realizations have come to you. At the same time don't hesitste to plant fertile seeds for the future.

The purpose of life is not to fear death. The purpose of life is to rely not on the material but rather the immaterial... therefore living by example for those who surround you who mean the most to you.

Life is about learning as much as you can leading to more and more questions and having the ability to admit that the more you learn, the less you truly know and learn to find comfort in that which will only teach you how to ask better more focused questions over time.

Life is about lesrning to trust and maintaining faith in yourself and in your acceptance of all of things true while accepting that were you to have the answers, they would have been provided for you.

Life is about learning what it is to be humble and selfless and desiring more for others than for yourself.

Life is about refusing to let fear and darkness consume you for the more aligned with the truth you become the more opposition you will no doubt be confronted with.

Life is about lesrning to see good in all things and smiling in your appreciation of them and sharing them with those around you.

Life is about finding your way back from where you once came.
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