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Default Re: Letters prepare Sept. 11 families for release of 911 calls

Bouncer wrote:
Now, let's suppose that the sky could be rendered into a semi-opaque photoreactive medium: could two ground-based lasers linked by computer project an image without mirrors or mega-watt projection equipment?
This is where these 'chemtrails' fit in... I’m not one to get paranoid over speculated conspiracy theories, but the chemtrails conspiracy is worrying, as Ive been seeing its effects.

Well, when I look into the sky at night, it IS semi-opaque. I can see no stars. Makes me think of the biblical passage, which refers to the time when the stars will disappear from the sky. STARS – ‘night time’. At least where I live, I would say the sky fits the profile for the perfect projection surface. Everyone’s been commenting on the strange overcast (with little rain) we are experiencing. It has a strange colour, and I sometimes wake up in the night (around 1 – 2 am), when I look outside, I kid you not, the sky is RED.
In the morning it is sometimes clear and blue, but at night, the stars are always obstructed or semi-obstructed.
There’s definitely something in the air here.

I was in an apartment (last year September), and I noticed floodlights twirling in the sky (a rave party), but the strange thing was, the floodlight beams were NOT penetrating the clouds above, and where in fact REFLECTING light.

I believe you’re talking about ‘Project Bluebeam’? This has been on my mind too.
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