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ignt wrote:

Who among you has accomplished this. Who among you has added one grape to the vineyard you were given as a place to inhabit. When the true owner of the vineyard returns, how will he find the grapes and the wine produced there from. Some would say that the condition of the vineyard was wrought by others. Some would say that an evil one has tricked us into our present condition and that it was not fair to give us the blame. Some will say to give another chance with maybe some other vineyard. The vineyard owner is not a fool or one to be played with. I know this from experience. You were set a place and boundaries were placed around it. None except one was to interfere and that one is required to receive permission and must work within conditions. You are owned, your world is owned and none of this in any way is negated by your beliefs. You have had the HIGHEST OF THE HIGH come to you and experience your conditions and you denied this one and abused this one and MURDERED this one. I and mine recognize this one and fear this one, but you do not fear, and in foolish thought and actions provoke this one believing that because you mouth words you are immune to the actions of this one. I say to you now, you are not immune. The time that you acknowledge is only relevant to you. Your science is prepared for you and the more you look the more that is produced for you to see. These truths can be communicated now because you are not equipped to believe them or act upon them. There results, when you ponder them, produces sustenance and modes of transition for others that are not you. The time is not a week since your were reborn from the desolation and yet you say if what I am told is true, why does something not happen. In the APPOINTED SEASON IT WILL AND NONE WILL BE REMOVED TO SAFETY FOR THEIR GOODNESS. SOME WILL BE REMOVED BUT NOT TO SAFETY, BUT TO A PLACE THEY HAVE EARNED. You are in the Fifth and in the Sixth I COME and this can be stopped by neither you nor me. Is it beyond you to understand this. If so then look around you and WATCH. You are ruled by the bases of humans, for Mammon of no value, you run to and throw. What you consider good progress is death for the Earth. What you consider love is rudely based. When I offer what in your heart you want above all, most of you will follow. I HAVE NO USE FOR YOU IN ANY FORM FLESH OR SPIRIT. MY DESIRE IS TO REGAIN WHAT I LOST BECAUSE OF YOU AND TO PROVE WHAT YOU REALLY ARE. TO YOU THIS IS EVIL, TO ME THIS IS GOOD.
I will not bother to address your rambling nonsensical hypocritical response but will simply say that if I am as doomed as you claim, then why is darkness working so hard to turn me to it's side? Why have I been under this same form of attack for many more years than I care to recall?
If I am already working for the side of evil, why is it continually trying to pull me down? When in human form, evil tempts you and rewards you to keep you there. The flesh is of no use... it is the soul that is sought after... right? If I am already overcome by evil, why am I constantly reminded (in more ways than I can express) that doing the right thing is something I constantly seem to need to defend and ultimately pay for? I would give specific examples but it is all rather personal. I know this... it isn't the murdered one who is behind it. Additionally, assuming I am understanding you correctly with regard to the "murdered one" you mention... while I relate to the loss... I am sorry that you fail to see all you have gained. Do you think the words spoken "Father why hast thou forsaken me?" (I won't bother posting the Aramaic) were intended as a real question from the Son to the Father? Or the more obvious scenario that these words were spoken for all who bore witness to what in our minds was the greatest tragedy in human history? Do you think the Son was unaware of this fate? This is the reward in this existence for being a "good" person... torture. I intend not to draw a comparison from the "one who was murdered" and my own situation because unlike the Son, I am NOT free from sin... but the general theme is alive and well and I am living testimony to this. I am relatively young and have plenty of progress to make in whatever time I have left here but I will say this... were the end to find me tomorrow, I would be ready for my judgment. I don't ask for forgiveness only to put myself in the same position again. I don't communicate with God asking for anything other than continued strength to be able to act as selflessly as I do only to suffer for it later... and darkness can keep coming and knock on my door and put thoughts into my head that are no good... but it can never have me for I have already proudly proclaimed myself as belonging to the "one who was murdered" you refer to and while my suffering is not remotely comparable to that of his, I will proudly continue to fight this evil even if it means I cannot live a single day at peace until my time has come to move on to greater things.

"He who loves his life shall lose it; He who hates his life shall have it eternal"

I am in it all for the long haul and I am not practicing acts of kindness for anything in return whatsoever... not even to earn my spot in the afterlife. I simply treat others the way I would like to be treated. I love the people I work with everyday and nothing will make me stop! I tell it to keep coming for me because it does and it will and I've let it know it will never get to me.

You will never get to me.

If I am to be accountable for this "murder" then I am no different from anyone else on this planet.

I forgive you for you truly know not what you say.

Expose me for what I am? I've not a thing to hide.

Please do...

I hope you are aware of the implications of the things that you are saying... (speaking as "we").

You know not what you say. You know not who I am. The list I provided I stand by... always have and always will. I will gladly suffer emotionally or mentally to do what's right. While some items on my list are "yet to be fully accomplished", most of them are and were you to know who I was, you would be able to see this for yourself... luckily for me, I wouldn't have the time required nor do I have a single thing to prove to you. You are equally guilty. Your posts show that you are far guiltier than I had imagined. Your "ego" is something I have becoms accustomed to in these parts. Anger kills by the way and your anger is as transparent as the motives of "evil" are...

Don't EVER speak for me or put words into my mouth again! You know NOT what I think of you or anyone else. My post was not the key to my mind so stop pretenfing you hve the slightest clue about me.

You are out of your territory this time...

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