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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

Who among us? I will always fall short of Christ but this is not to say I shouldn't aim as high as I try to. Your words can only serve to reinforce my need to do so. Your attempt at instilling fear in those you haunt on this board only work to my advantage. I am sorry you have been overcome with yourself to the extent you so clearly display in all you pollute this site with. You are trapped in the material. You don't see it... but as it turns out, we tend to be horrible judges of ourselved and at best so biased we become blind. There is no love in anything you stated. Furthermore, who are you more concerned with... YOUR loss... or HIS? You've made it clear!

Get over yourself... we know not our own limit and time goes by quick when you lose sight of the important things such as the self indulgence we have all come to expect from you.

Next time, try to consider what your point is before you unleash your neglectful thought process out on someone. Or better still, if you MUST respond at all try to actually say something and at least attempt to make your point.

I am far from "immune" and strive everyday to meet the ideals I have shared as what I view as the meaning of life.

You are correct when you say that I do not "fear" but rather... I "revere". There is a difference.
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