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Default Re: They are starting now!

I agree with you 100% spectre. Iíve never given it much thought, but a lot of what I do wouldnít be possible without the Internet.

Freedom is a bad thing for the oppressors, so I would expect them to wage war on the Internet very soon, if they havenít commenced already, and shut down all 'free-thinking' websites/forums. It has been done before.

Yes, in the end I think the Internet will be one of the key factors to our successes in organization. Global solidarity would not be possible any other way, as this is the only Ďfreeí medium to have ever been created for the public.

Iíve spoke with a programmer about this, and apparently it is impossible to shut down the internet because of the way its Ďset upí, it sustains its self basically, and there are perhaps millions of plugs to (literally) pull if the internet is to be taken down. I donít know if this is true or not.
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