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Default Re: The Mind of GOD.

LaDominio wrote:
redrat11 wrote:

...because you sometimes slander others or accuse people of being things that they could very well not be.


Dominio my friend, I have said many times that I'm a sinner, and that I DESERVE TO GO TO HELL! However that is not my intention, nor God's by the way, I struggle daily trying to be the best person I can try to be, That's all...I'll never achieve PERFECTION like you or Bouncer in knowing the BIBLE and God. But I'll try my hardest to try and be kind and polite to LIARS and STOOGES. Peace be with you Brother.

P.S. Understand when I commumicate to all on CC forum, I write and tell you what I feel is appropiate at the time, you may disagree with it, but It is APART and seperate from my REAL LIFE outside CYBERSPACE. Good Day :-)
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