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Default Re: The Mind of GOD.


I CREATED this thread for you, and you only, You know who You are. You see the World in Rose colored glasses the way we've been brainwashed too since childhood, I as a adult now see God everywhere in the world of mine, from a budding ROSE to a cloud-filled sky, God is everywhere to behold and ADMIRE. Yes even in the animal kingdom the Glory of God is there to behold, I'm sure your saying Who is You?

It Is You, the Non-Believer, The Skeptic, The Traveler, The Passer-By, The Atheist if you will.

Look and See that some people in the world still care about YOU! Yes YOU.

Please Let Me Finish This Thread Without Interruptions And Biblical Interpretations.

If you want to debate or critisize my personal interpretations of the Bible please do it here.

Have a Great Day :-)
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