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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

The goal of life is to reproduce. We are all just self replicating robots programmed at birth or before to repeat our genetic code.

I don't think there is a meaning to life. It is just some kind of code/program.

Where the fittest survive and reproduce, and the losers and their would be decedents die, and don't reproduce.

That is the program. All this talk about religion is bogus.

The truth is that no one really understands what is going on, because we are stuck in four dimensions instead of the 11 or 12 that exist
The other dimensions are the key to why miracles work.

An understanding of "Jesus and His works" is the reality that other dimensional forces are at work on this planet. The Satanics are on much lower level than Christ was.

One of the greatest force dimensions is Faith. "That His will be done in Heaven and earth"

Satan/Lucifer are just one of the twenty three angels/angles of the multi dimensions.

When we, thru science/mathematics finally understand string theory, We will eventually understand "God" and the rules of the road. as to how this universe we live in operates.

"Until then all bets are off"
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