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Default Re: Bush The Messiah?

For everyone: Draken, Max, even Ozziecynic and perhaps MaryPopinz

I am just a realist. Plain and straightforward.

I have a duty to God's truth in this world and that is finding the actual truth of the Creator's intentions with us on this world. I have some Hermetic understandings of the world.

I have nothing against you all and if you find my infusing of humor in my comments sarcastic or off-handed, my apologies. In this sad state of the world we lives on, I think humor is the only good thing we have to feel good about ourselves and there's nothing wrong with that. It's the only thing to remind us how human we all are.

Some of you are under the impression that I'm into Lucifer or the Luciferian beliefs or whatever that is. The truth is that I have studied quite a bit about the origins of the Devil and have to conclusion that the "Devil" is actually resides in all of us, as Draken pointed out. It is in our own human nature. It's what we do to other people for various reasons. If you've watched those reality-game TV shows, you get the idea of what those people could and can do to other people to get what they wanted and that's just the glimpse of how far people are willing to do, in the manner of devilish/sinful behaviors.

For centuries, mankind have been looking very hard for a strong valid explanation of why we do very bad or horrible things to others, actions that deemed evil. For some, it is so conveniently to blame everything on the Devil as if the Devil is the only scapegoat. Point is, if some would have you believe, the Devil have only "himself" to blame if we bring all of our grievances that he wrought upon us since time began IN PERSON, face to face.

So, where's the Devil/Lucifer residing at? Not that it is a simple thing to do but it is ridiculous for some to hunt down and bring him to justice, as if he's a real person. The Iraqis are getting their chance to see the "devil" in court and be tried for his crimes against humanity. We did the same for most of Hitler's henchmen in Nuremberg after the war. Are we looking at the Devil in President Bush? Or are we looking at the Devil in David Rockefeller or Vladimir Putin or Fidel Castro or somebody high and mighty?

Are you going out and hunt down anybody you believe could be the Devil himself? What gonna you do? Hack up that person you believed possessed or influenced by the Devil and see if the Devil is inside that poor human being you've just killed? What are you trying to prove? Are you going to hunt down anybody who waved that "horned" gesture in front of you for no apparent reason other than just stating the obvious?

If you lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, lust, and/or kill for any reason whatsoever, that make you evil, your actions evil. It's inside YOU. Nobody's perfect. We are all paying the prices for our actions in life, our weaknesses, our falling into temptations of various kinds.

Understand this, folks: what things you think or believe in are good by you may be viewed as evil by others. If Bush was waving that "horned" gesture because he thought it was cool to show his support to the University of Texas marching band on the Day of Inauguration, then some of you may believe it to be evil, satanic or whatever you call it. Get the idea?

If I did see or have some solid photographic evidences of a huge mass of public waving the "horned" gesture to President Bush as if it is a mass salutation a la "Heil Hitler", then I have a good reason to believe in Dr. Henry Makow and you all.

I just wish you all to think a bit more realistic than to resort yourself to believing far-fetched or wild claims as if you're not ruling out or discounting the possibility of such claims without some solid or proven evidences to the contrary. Anybody can state such a wild claim and keep driving at it until people begin to believe it unrealistically and conveniently treat it as a truth, until there are skeptics and doubters out to dispute or shoot it down. Sometimes, the line has to be blurred at some points to balance things out, as, perhaps, a way to compromise truth and fiction as some people would like to have.

When I read a conspiracy theory of something, I make it my point to research the background of it to separate the fact from the fiction and objectively see the difference. If we have several peoples making different interpretations on the same conspiracy theory, then we would have a hard time trying to see the differences between them. Though that's not always the case in most conspiracy theories in general, depending on what backgrounds did they researched into.

If some of you have reasons to believe that Bush is a satanist, then I have my reasons to believe that Iraq did have WMDs all along. We can go around and round with Bush as Satan issue until the cows do come home by the mere sight of "horned" hand-gesture. ;-) :-D

(Draken, thanks for that shocking video. It's very gruesome and sad how far people would goes: seeing the government trying bust on people's right to freely worship, even if it is a Satanist cult, even that cult committing that horrible crimes of murder, human sacrifice and perversion. I did not turn away from it, as you did. I have a pretty strong stomach as I've seen uglier gruesome stuff before). :-o
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