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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

What occurred to me is that in Jesus' day the Sanhedrin and other religious elite had all of the power concentrated in their hands. The people had to go through the priesthood in order to cleanse their souls, so to speak. Jesus started healing people and started hinting that they would one day have a direct relationship with God himself! He would tell people, "Your faith has healed you . . ." (NOT the priesthood!)
The Pharisees, et al, hated Jesus because their power base was threatened. Jesus came to put us into a new priesthood to commune directly with God. This is why the curtain in the Temple was torn apart during the death of Jesus.
And this principle still is at work today. Some powers (Illuminati, etc.) want to throw the world back to the time when all power, spiritual as well as political, is concentrated in the hands of a few. But Jesus came to set the captives freee . . . :-)
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