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Default Re: Leo Wanta, U.S. Secret Service Treasury official speaks out

SeC.. I hear you loud and clear.. Keep up the great posts.. The "Board" is not lacking in substance.. New leaders immerged after the "Old Guard" fled.. Do you notice that most people want now?... They just want to observe without putting their names and IP numbers on display? Good for you.. You must have one hell of an anonimizer.

God Bless.. If there is such a being... and if there isn't ..We should probably create one. For the "good of humankind"..right?

I read your comment the other day about the sandpaper look of the folded up dimensions.. Yep.. That's what it looks like. Each of the grains are Chalibi Tuo (or something like that)

Anywho... They are the other six or seven dimensions that we can't imagine rolled into grains on a subplanck level.. Get my drift?

I imagine you do.. Because I am totally mystified by all of it.. Are You?
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