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Default The Watershed Event . . .

And I'll tell ya something else, my sis's & bro's: I remember joking that if they start expurgating Deity from the Constitution that it's time to pack your bags or load your weapons . . . thought it was a joke until it actually hit the news!
I see in the media overtures to what I call the Watershed Event. This is when people of certain religions (i.e. Christian) are banned from commerce or maybe even travel in certain states. Any Born-Again person traveling in Utah will know what I mean.
In fact, in Portland Oregon the police can detain you in total isolation for twenty-four hours: no phone calls, no visitors, etc. It is literally a suspension of civil rights during that time, and perfectly legal.
Another thing happening in certain places is the so-called "deprogramming" of religious members. Imagine the scenario in which a "concerned" family wants a daughter back from the "horrible superstitious brainwashing of the Jesus cult"? She could be taken against her will to a mental institution and be drugged and tortured into submission in order to "deprogram" her. This is what they do in red China, but at least they call a spade a spade!

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