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Default Re: Critisizm, Complaints, and Disagreements Post Here.

ROAD RAGE................

I'm going to attempt to describe a "incident" of road rage I "ENCOUNTERED".

First one was when I was driving out of a business parking lot, The exit was blocked by some landscapimg material, and I had to drive around the mess, well another driver blocked my vehicle, he stopped and would not allow me to drive around the tree-limbs on my side of the road, This moron expected I would Drive over the branches and not get on "HIS" side of the road, The branches on the road were Mesquite tree limbs, very sharp and full of THORNS! WE stared at another for at least 5 minutes seeing who would do WHAT, I had to get out my SUV and tell the stupid IDIOT that I need to drive around the branches to not get a possible flat tire, The stupid IDIOT said that he would not move, so I had to BACK-UP to let the MORON drive past me!
this could've led to a fight or something, but I held my ANGER in check...some people are just plain IDIOTIC! :-x :-o
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