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Default Re: The Watershed Event . . .

Bouncer wrote:
Personally, I prefer the wellbalanced models:

Sigs are the weapon of choice in quick-draw-need-for-accuracy situations!!
See, this is where I get stuck... To be righteous, must one not ever shed blood of another? Jesus said 'Don’t worry about those who can kill your body, but Satan who can kill your soul'.
But then again, if someone tries to kill me, or my loved ones, is it wrong to defend? Maybe Im being TOO strict...
Im a practising martial artist, and I gotta say, it feels 'right' to be doing it. In Africa, the most common weapon used (apart from the AK47) is the panga machete, and so Im perfecting my long-knife technique. It doesn’t feel wrong to be training myself for fatal combat, and usually, when Im doing something that I shouldn’t, I know it in my heart.
If I had to resort to guns, well this is Africa, and illegal guns are cheaper than a Happymeal.
What is your opinion on the whole 'self defence thing'?
Im still not sure what to do, to be honest! :-?
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