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Default Re: Bush The Messiah?

Alumbrado, you are correct in that we can't guess what is in someones heart by them flashing a hand gesture (hence the principle of not to judge). We can however gain insight into a person by their actions- in Bushs case, his command has lead to the death of over 100,000 people (thus the "bad fruit").

I agree that it is important to research facts-- in all cases, either with testimony, photo, video, audio, whatever- it can all be questionable. I find it beneficial to not use absolutes like "is true" and "is false" because we don't know the absolute truth, never will. If you do find conflicting information then there is nothing wrong with presenting this information to bring about a new hypothesis- there's no reason that can't be done in a kind manner however.

As for the Lucifer residing within us, I have come to no conclusions as there is far too little information to determine what is really going on. I'm not planning on a search of course. A very real potential alternate viewpoint to the devil being in all of us however is to consider how our consensuses are all connected in the universe- thus giving us physic type powers (which are largely suppressed from us). This connection could allow for other people to plant thoughts in our brains-- something's could be good, some bad. Could it be that Lucifer is actually planning negative thoughts into our brains? Yes, it's possible but of course I don't know for sure. Having said that it's an interesting process trying to understand where our original thoughts actually come from. I try to monitor mine, it proves to be enlightening. Understanding your brains functionality also allows one to better process and filter out negative elements- it works for me.

As for mankind looking hard for centuries trying to explain why we do bad things (or whatever else), I don't give much consideration to that- the truth could be well known but suppressed.

Alumbrado, another question for you, since you study the matter, what do you think is the actual truth of the Creator's intentions with us on this world? Also, I still didn't get your view of the "fallen angel".

BTW- as for humor- I agree it is a great thing when well used.

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