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Default Re: Bush The Messiah?

marypopinz wrote:
"then I have my reasons to believe that Iraq did have WMDs all along."

If you believe this, you are believing a lie. Dr. David Kelly gave his life to tell that truth. Iraq had no WMD's. I spoke with Andrew Gilligan, the BBC reporter.

Anyone can choose to believe what they like about Iraq and Dr. Kelly, head of UN inspections died for the truth, after he was publicly hung in a kangaroo court.

Alumbrado -I would suggest you wake up to the truth. God is watching... God knows the difference between a lie and the truth. Do you?

mary XXX
Then if you don't believe Iraq didn't have WMDs, then I may not believe you that Bush is a Satanist.

And you believe in Andrew "Gullible" Gilligan? The journalist who broke a sacred principle in investigative journalism: "protect the source"? The same journalist who admitted his error in releasing the identity of that source named David Kelly who committed suicide after the scandal of "sexed up" dossier issue relating to the Iraqi war?
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