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Default Re: Bush The Messiah?

Max wrote:
Alumbrado, another question for you, since you study the matter, what do you think is the actual truth of the Creator's intentions with us on this world?
All things are meant to be something for us, as we are all susceptible to God's Infinite Will. Such intentions are meant for Man to progress, transformatively, toward an union with God. Man is still a long way off from that and that's the job of the Satan: keep Man down from reaching God.

Max wrote:
Also, I still didn't get your view of the "fallen angel".
I still don't get your inability to research the origins of the fallen angel. :-? Much of my views I've learned are based from various sources: Dante's the Divine Comedy, John Milton's Paradise Lost, St Augustine's the City of God, Alice K. Turner's History of Hell, Joseph Campbell's the Power of Myth, the Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology, and informations founded in the Internet.
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