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Default Re: Critisizm, Complaints, and Disagreements Post Here.

What's with the spitting?
Why are people doing that more and more?
When I'm sitting at the bus stop or outdoor cafe table having my quick lunch, why is the guy next to me taking a spit????
What the hell is in his lungs? The spit looked clear to me. I've been in various health care for 35 years, I know clean spit when I see it!!!!
So, my conclusion is that there is some secret message attached to why some peole spit!!
Do they curse the ground? Women? Ugly women?
Ugly people in general?
I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and by the way.....what's with holding up the slacks/pants with one hand?????????????
Why are the slacks below the a-- in the first place??

Why are women wearing tighter slacks to show their very large and loose love handles??

I don't find anything attractive about flab hanging over extra-low 'low-riders'...DO YOU?

What ever happened to 36-24-36, (or in that range, or proportion) with slacks fitting to 'flatter-the-form'? Even if you are slightly overweight and the jeans fit with the form, everything looks in place.

Why do obese women with large busts and layers of ribcage flab wear tube tops?
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