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Default Re: Bush The Messiah?

Max wrote:
We can however gain insight into a person by their actions- in Bushs case, his command has lead to the death of over 100,000 people (thus the "bad fruit").
What's the difference between Bush and Saddam Hussein being responsible for the deaths of over 2.5 millions people (and still rising due to recently excavated mass graves) for his 30+ years reign?

Under the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, his command have led to the death of almost 300,000 Americans in World War II plus collectively responsible for the deaths of almost 3 millions of enemy casualties (Germany, Italy and Japan).

Under the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, almost half a million Americans died fighting in the Civil War, more than half of that were under his command (the other less-than-half were of under Jefferson Davis' command).

People fought and died in wars under their leaderships under different circumstances all the times throughout the human history. Bush ain't no different than the rest.
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