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Default Isn't it obvious?

On the news: "Jesus probably Walked on Ice, not Water", and "Scientists Have Found the Missing Link". These news features were back to back. It seems that Christianity is painted with a very large bullseye, no? And what really gets me is the anchorman's comment about the Jesus story: "If this is true then it will throw the whole Bible into confusion . . .". Well, Jesus' miracles are a large part of his validation while in the world, so it would be an attack on the divinity of Jesus, not of the whole Bible. Oh well!
If this doesn't prove NWO control of the media, I don't know what does!
And remember one of the Illuminati goals: "Teach people, especially children, things we know to be false . . ." Why? What is so important about belief? Because if you can control a person's beliefs, you can control his perception and his behavior; possibly even his thoughts as well. So to condition our children to believe lies is just a prelude to deceiving the whole world, if possible, and keeping the population under control.

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