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Default Re: The Absurdities of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Have You Reached the Boiling Point?

If Not, Then there's something WRONG WITH YOU!!!

Get your minds off the stupid nonsense of the Bush Administration, The Fitzgerald Bullshit!!!!, and all the other Distractions of the ILLUMINATI! YOUR COUNTRY is on the verge of CIVIL WAR if not outright INSURRECTION, look at these Planned Marches of ILLEGALS, Thats right ILLEGALS, this is nothing more than the country of Mexico waging a coup inside the southwestern U.S. Keep on Dreaming your going to change the course of the Illuminati, this fight is HERE AND NOW!!!! 500,000 illegals alone where I live, If your a American you need to WAKE THE HELL UP!
Tell your Coward Congresspeople they better not allow AMNESTY!

just what I KNEW ALL ALONG, including all of the Southwest!!!!
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