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Default Saddam & Milosevic Vilified By Western Media

alumbrado wrote:
Sometimes, the line has to be blurred at some points to balance things out, as, perhaps, a way to compromise truth and fiction as some people would like to have.
There's no need to blurr the line between truth and fiction. I NEVER compromise the Truth. To compromise the Truth is to lie.

When I read a conspiracy theory of something, I make it my point to research the background of it to separate the fact from the fiction and objectively see the difference. If we have several peoples making different interpretations on the same conspiracy theory, then we would have a hard time trying to see the differences between them. Though that's not always the case in most conspiracy theories in general, depending on what backgrounds did they researched into.
I don't care for conspiracy "theories".

What's the difference between Bush and Saddam Hussein being responsible for the deaths of over 2.5 millions people (and still rising due to recently excavated mass graves) for his 30+ years reign?
As with the alleged mass killings of Milosevic, there is a great deal of doubt unreported by the mainstream media you refer to (CNN - infested with CIA & NSA psy-ops agents) about who those people they found in "mass graves" - both in former Yugoslavia and Iraq - really are and who actually killed them. I put mass graves within quotation marks because in some cases there is doubt if they ever existed or if the mass murders ever happened.

Below you'll find important articles on Yugoslavia vs. NATO, UN and US. I'm not saying this is the ultimate truth but these articles sure show a totally different picture. The relevance to Saddam and the alleged mass murders by him in Iraq is up to you to figure out.

I have personal experience of Iraqis telling me a totally different picture of what life was like under Saddam in the 60s and 70s, so let's not swallow without question everything CNN is telling us, OK?

At this stage I'll leave you to read these articles and check out the rest of this website. I'll try to find relevant and similar articles on the Iraq situation.

Was the Srebrenica 'Massacre' a Hoax?


Articles Related to Srebrenica

"Milosevic's Speech at Kosovo Field"

The cornerstone of the vilification of Slobodan Milosevic is the speech he made to a huge crowd in June 1999 in Kosovo. Did he whip up nationalistic rage, or did he call for multiethnic unity and warn against the dangers of nationalism? Read it and judge for yourself.

"Media Misrepresentation of Milosevic's Words: A Review of the Evidence,"
by Francisco Gil-White

Professor Gil-White compares the actual content of the pivotal speech that Slobodan Milosevic made in Kosovo in 1989 with the misrepresentations (and fabricated quotations!) of the same speech by politicians and the media.

Illegal Tribunal - Illegal Indictment

A long-standing UN consultant examines the legal justification for The Hague Tribunal (ICTY) and finds it nonexistent.

"Official Statements Prove Hague 'Tribunal' Belongs to NATO"

This documents our charge that the ICTY is NATO's instrument.

The Freezer Truck Hoax
by Francisco J. Gil-White

When NATO failed to produce even *one* body of an Albanian massacred by Milosevic's forces, it proceeded to manufacture an elaborate hoax. This article contains the proof, including the smoking gun.

"A Reporter's Account of Evening Spent with the Commander of Bosnian Muslim Forces in Srebrenica"

The commander of the so-called Bosnian government's forces in the famous town of Srebrenica boasts of slaughtering Serb civilians in ways reminiscent of the Bosnian Islamist Waffen SS division during World War II.

"Stranger than Fiction: NATO and the US Sponsor Terror in Kosovo and Macedonia"
by Jared Israel

"How will you plead at your trial, Mr. Annan?"

The London Observer quotes a UN document confirming our charge that the UN-created Kosovo Protection Corps is comprised of criminal thugs and terrorists.

'Dutch Report: US Sponsored Foreign Islamic Fundamentalists in Bosnia'
By Richard J Aldrich
Comments by Jared Israel

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