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Default BREAKING: Rice tells diplomats to prepare for nuclear war

BREAKING: Rice tells diplomats to prepare for nuclear war -- Diplomatic staff threaten resignations and non-cooperation

Please relay this important message to as many interested parties you may consider suitable recipients, such as the U.S. and international media, elected representatives, advocacy groups, and internet discussion boards.

I work in the office of a U.S. consulate in Europe. Earlier today, U.S. embassies and consulates within the European Union, and elsewhere, were put on notice by Secretary of State Rice to prepare for war, the worst case scenario being nuclear war. The advisory refers to an imminent nuclear attack on administrative, civilian, nuclear and militarily strategic facilities in Iran.

I am making the above core message of the communication public in the full knowledge that I could lose my job and be prosecuted by my government. However, the U.S. Department of State must first reckon with a tidal wave of resignations from the diplomatic corps, including that of the honorable and highly respected consul for whom I work. The Department of State faces a serious rebellion within its own ranks, and on an unprecedented scale.

Without a legitimate U.N. mandate, the scheduled attacks on Iranian sovereign territory represent a premeditated war crime and must therefore be rejected as unacceptable. I urge our government to reconsider its proposed assault on international law and thus avert a humanitarian catastrophe of unimagined proportions.

D.P.B. / 4-11-6

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