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Default Re: Freemasonry May have been Revolutionary in the U.S or Europe But was Conservative In Australia.

:-o Nice off the cuff remark mary!.Disagree Mary and what are your reasons for disagreement!

Have you ever been downunder! What do you know about the History of Freemasonry in Australia or Australian History in general for that matter!.

I have just been reading book on the subject as it relates to Australian history it is called the "Secret Empire of the Union jack" freemasonry 1890 - 1950 in Australia.
It also tells me how the Freemasons were very much involved in secret militias in the interwar years to combat communism and the Trade Unions generally.
One these groups was quite notorious over here it was called the New Guard under the name of wwi veteran called Eric campbell. It was one these that cut the ribbon on the sydney harbour bridge in 1932 to upstage the NSW preimer a Jack Lang ALP Irish catholic.(a big deal in anglo australia back then.The CEC over here has also revealed that many masons were working hand in glove with the New Guard in the 1930s.

So before you start blurting rubbish mary get your facts straight or atleast attempt to know what you are talking about!. :-o
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