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Default Re: The Coming American Holocaust?

Too many of these holocaust predictions have striking similarities -- such as the balkanization of the country into ten or more regions -- for me to dismiss them all lightly.
Further, alleged Illuminati defectors like Svali corroborate a lot of these details based on what they were told by superiors.
However, the biggest surprise may be revealed when the camps are finally implemented and their true purpose is disclosed.
As revealed in Stalin's Red Symphony interrogation of a captured Illuminati agent, the Protocols dictate that all of the agents of social subversion created and subsidized by the NWO (freemasons, satanists, radical feminists, environmentalists, communists, fascists, pornographers, pedophiles, etc.) will be systematically eliminated along with the standard political resistors. Just like Hitler's Night of the Longknives, once the ruling elite feel they have consolidated their power, they will no longer have any use for these individuals and groups -- and it would be way to risky to leave them running around loose with their power base intact.
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