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Default Re: Fascist Democracy

To Betray The Citizenry Is “Treasonous” - :-o :-o :-o

To Betray The Citizenry Is “Treasonous,” & It’s A Sin

Governments Create Money Which Creates “Poverty”

Yes, I agree, that sounds like a start. It worked before & it can work again. However, we still have other problems, created by society & their respective governments themselves, which only have a solution if we ever return to the “truth” standard, & revoke all of the “false” rights we have lived by throughout our past.

For example, no one has the moral authority to claim ownership of any piece of land just because they got there first, or because they have a piece of paper that makes it “legally” so. Originally, somebody had to kill & enforce authority afterwards in order to “remain” dutiful owner of that “stolen” property. The cost of property & the property taxes are making it impossible for most people to have their own space. Yet, you look around & it looks like there is plenty of room for everybody to have their own piece. Another example – plants & animals. All beings of the earth have an unalienable right to be able to plant & use anything they want for their own sustenance & survival. The soil, the “real” seeds, air, water, & the sun are a given, by God or the universe, if you choose not to believe in a God of all creation. Pretty soon we will not be able to live from either land or animals w/o either violating some law, or not being able to afford doing so.

Governments create money & their value. Then, money creates poverty, by just not having any. Thus governments create “poverty.” For a government to be effective, it should be their responsibility to make sure they create a system where everyone can at minimum, make an honest living. Right now in America there are no jobs for millions of Americans who have lost their jobs since Bush took office & because of the “Free Trade Agreements” w/ other nations. All of this is of course, is done in secret, & for the New World Order. No doubt about that. The only beneficiaries of this malevolous scheme are the world bankers, their controllers, the governments, & the owners, & controllers of those industries, & already established monopolies. Citizens are literally being left by the wayside. What they are doing is not only wrong, it’s immoral. After so many years of people working hard & saving money so that one day they can also have a piece they can call their own, to loose it all because now the rules where changed w/o you being considered part of that equation, is beyond unfair. To betray the Citizenry is “treasonous,” & it’s a sin.

The End of Dollar Hegemony

True Democracy's Check & Balances

Collapse Of US As A Super-Power

Are We Approaching A Coup D'etat On Freedom ???

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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