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Hi Panisher -

The Rothshchilds do not run the Vatican. It is the other way round. In 1754 Rothschilds were appointed as the Vatican Bankers. From that point on their influence and power grew at a tremendous rate.

The Roman Catholic church is still, to this day, the wealthiest organisation on the face of the earth. Having plundered countless cultures for the last 1700 years or so it is not difficult to see how.

A book I would recommend on this is "Rulers Of Evil" by Tupper Saussy ( I read this during the summer just gone and it transfromed and enriched my understanding of this area. Another author worth searching for on google, is Avro Manhattan (yes, that's his real name). His book "The Vaticans Billions" is available free online somewhere and as an author on this topic, he is hard to beat. He was supremely well informed through a network of very high up contacts.

As for God and organised religion. I have never thought that the two had much to do with one another. Organised religion for me is simply another con job where a bunch of parasites (priests etc) seek to make a living by acting as an "authorised intermediary" with God. This is just plain daft. More people have died in the name of organised religion's invocation of God than through any other cause.

I have often though that if I were the devil, where would I locate myself? Why in the very last place anyone would think of looking ... the church.

I believe in God. There is only one, no matter what name you choose to use. I do not beleive in other men telling me that their interpretation of God is better than mine.

\"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.\" - Buckminster Fuller.
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