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Default Re: Saddam & Milosevic Vilified By Western Media

:-o alum:
I have a duty to God's truth in this world and that is finding the actual truth of the Creator's intentions with us on this world. I have some Hermetic understandings of the world.
Thats the problem and the dead give away!.
You say Hermetic pertaining to the Greek Messanger God Hermes also known as Mercury in Roman mythology carrying his cadeseus wand of alchemical change.Or is it the syncretic fraudulent Cult of Thoth of Hermes Trismegistus. You make no attempt to hide your occult intentions we are not all naive amateurs in the esoteric here you know!.

Some of you are under the impression that I'm into Lucifer or the Luciferian beliefs or whatever that is. The truth is that I have studied quite a bit about the origins of the Devil and have to conclusion that the "Devil" is actually resides in all of us, as Draken pointed out. It is in our own human nature. It's what we do to other people for various reasons. If you've watched those reality-game TV shows, you get the idea of what those people could and can do to other people to get what they wanted and that's just the glimpse of how far people are willing to do, in the manner of devilish/sinful behaviors.
Thats exactly why we need Jesus christ and his morality to give us some grounding moral absolutes rather than secular moral Relativism.
We are presently living in moral relatvist global system and look where it is getting us high crime lack of morality and degeneracy!.
You are right that the potential for evil is in all of us that is weight for the reasons why we need christ and the Bible to give us moral grounding.
Otherwise the world is chaos and anarchy as it is right now. You sound like Nietzschian because you are intentionally trying to undermine christianity in the posts of yours i have seen on this forum so far.It is so obvious this recent attempt by you to admit their is a creator is simply a ruse to soften others up but to no avial with me.
Also you said the creator which creator you are far too vague in the typical masonic manner.
The Creator could mean any Idol or spiritual entity perhaps you mean the GATOU hardly the christian God of the trinity, father son and Holy ghost?.You are not out of the woods yet sir.

For centuries, mankind have been looking very hard for a strong valid explanation of why we do very bad or horrible things to others, actions that deemed evil. For some, it is so conveniently to blame everything on the Devil as if the Devil is the only scapegoat. Point is, if some would have you believe, the Devil have only "himself" to blame if we bring all of our grievances that he wrought upon us since time began IN PERSON, face to face.
Ah yes the typical masonic or satanic argument that the devil is the scapegoat for Humanity.
So you want to know what evil i will tell you. Basically evil is the Human Ego gone rampant and out of control without discipline or restrictions!.
That is the true christian definition of evil or to put more philosophically something akin to Nietzsches Superman anyone who is so in love with their own ego that they believe they are a God.Which infact is many people in todays humanity true.Living in a laissez faire system with a libertine hedonist system must make the 21 st century Nightmare wish come true for you Occult types.
I know your game to soften up people here well it simply has failed one me. I am more than a match for you in intellect, Christian faith and esoteric awareness! So go back to where ever you came from!. :-D

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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