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Default Re: Control Structures Of The NWO

Nuclear War Crimes - :-o :-o :-o

Control Mechanism: "Disrupting The EcoSystem" For Generations To Come
Making it imposible for the "human family or individual" to survive w/o a "government."

Depleted Uranium

Nuclear War Crimes

<img src="" height=450 width=310>
Foot Soldiers

Natural Uranium -> Enriched Uranium

- 1% Used by Nuclear Power Plants & Fissionable Weapons
- 99% Left over "waste" is called "Depleted Uranium" DU

Depleted Uranium

- 1/2 as "radioactive" as natural "Uranium"
- 1/2 life over 4 Billion years
- Small amounts of other "more radioactive" isotopes in waste.
- "Very Expensive" if the industry is to handle it according to regulations.
- Radiological Waste is then used in military operations.
- The potential for "radioactive gas" to be used as a "lethal weapon".
- Also warned that the substance should not come in contact with our soldiers.

"Almost twice as dense as lead, DU is used in the ballasts of some commercial planes for balance and in protective armor plating on Abrams Tanks. Placed as solid cores in the tips of bombs and bullets, DU greatly enhances penetrating ability. It is also pyrophoric, which means the friction created when it is deployed will cause it to spontaneously combust, burning and releasing micron-size isotopes that can be inhaled or ingested. According to the “Wakayama Report” by Army Colonel and physician Junro Wakayama, these particles can lodge in your body, emitting radiation and heavy metal toxins that compromise your immune system and can cause neurological or organ damage, cancers, and genetic mutations. Several thousand tons have been dispersed all over the Gulf, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and elsewhere in our recent military operations, in addition to all the areas where it has been mined, manufactured, and tested in the past decades."

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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