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Default Re: Moon Landing Conspiracy

Hi nomad

Interesting that no other nation has ever shown pictures of their astronauts bouncing about on the face of the moon like Japan, China, Russia etc ... I guess because they don't have a Hollywood to help out.
Again though how come no other government ever broadcast images of their astronauts bouncing on the moon?
Maybe that is because Japan, China, and Russia have never claimed to have sent a man to the Moon?

I canít be sure if anyone has been to the Moon, but I can tell you that William Cooperís misleading article is not one you should quote from.

Think about it this way, if Cooperís claims about heat transfer in a vacuum where right, The Moon (and everything else in the Solar System that didnít have a Van Allen belt) would have been fried a long time ago.

The only reason I have brought this up is because you didnít seem overly convinced by the info I posted.
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