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Default Re: True Democracy's Checks & Balances

A 20th Century Reflection – For the “Needy Greedy” Of The 21st Century - :-o :-o :-o

A 20th Century Reflection – For the “Needy Greedy” Of The 21st Century

A 20th Century Reflection – For the “Needy Greedy” Of The 21st Century

In the 20th Century the masses used to think that “Right is on the side of the Active-Aggressor.” Well that philosophy proved wrong. We, the thinking people, know that is just plain wrong. An Active-Aggressor could be just any “idiot or madman.” Now we know that the “Active-Aggressor” was just a bully taking advantage of a weaker one. Look at some recent examples. Iraq. If we would have intelligently, & w/ the “Checks & Balances” of Congress, looked at the available evidence, listened to the expert’s findings that Iraq was not a threat, Iraq was not involved in 911, & that Iraq was not in possession of WMDs, the American economy would by now have “Billions of dollars” at its disposal to instead invest in creating the jobs the Bush administration gave away to NWO's “Needy & Greedy” transnational corporations & CEOs.

The American citizen (& for that matter any "true freedom" seeker of the world) feels deservedly abandoned.

So if you have any brains left in the 21st Century you’d,

Think before you act,
Take a deep breath, &
Reconsider, before you act, unless of course you are defending yourself from a direct attack from an “idiot active-aggressor.”

When wrong (fabricating false evidence, posing as a drug dealer, or a whore) is right (when enacted by the police), hostilities are peaceful when initiated by the government, peaceful demonstrations are hostile when initiated by citizens, & attacking someone because they could turn bad (such as Saddam) has become the ideology of the “bullies of the world,” we know we are up for some dark times ahead.

Humanity is on a retrograde path.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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