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Default Re: Drug firms 'hype up diseases to boost sales'

So true. I believe (don't have proof) that vitamin b-17 can stop cancer. That's according david ray griffin and I kind of trust that guy since he's done a lot of good work.
Then this aspartame which is in friggin everything. And contains methanol which makes u blind and kills. I drank some blended juice today and got a headache.
The last thing the big profit making corporations want to do is to lose their milking cow and that's your (and my) wallet. The same goes for energy (could just derive hydrogen from water or use that magnetic generator instead of using oil). No wonder every good inventor gets dead, while stockholders for obsolete medicines and energy corporations get rich.
And the aspartame (nutrasweet) and tamiflu patents are owned by donald rumsfeld, how amazing is that. I get sick, donald gets the cash :/
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