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Default Re: Moon Landing Conspiracy

How would you explain all the anomalies mentioned on
Nomad, Iím not trying to say they did or didnít go to the Moon, Iím just pointing out that William Cooperís claims about heat transfer in a vacuum being detrimental to the Apollo missions are bogus.

Iím probably wrong about the four points being the same problem though; itís more like two are the same problem.

One thing I am curious to know more about is how they shielded the command module crew from radiation, given that they even left orbit! I heard on the radio during this past week that the crew of the ISS had been ordered to take refuge into the most shielded section of the station due to an increased level of radiation experienced over the days that followed. That gives weight to the claim made at moonmovie regarding the shielding of astronauts from radiation back in 1969.

Has anyone seen his film?
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