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Default Re: REALITY: Women (Secretly) Want Women with a Dick

nohope187 wrote:
Hahahaaa :-P

What's the matter FREEMASON BOY!
Truth hurts?????
You and your ancestry of Freemason's are behind alot of this nonsense---if not all of it.
No woman can achieve any success under the public eye without you stepping in and playing alarmist to our good men. Therefore these guys rebel and start imagining that all women are trying to 'rule the world' or something!
There are the good men in our society that love their wives, children and GOD!

But, my oh my how less and less we see of the true 'family man'!

In a time when people more than ever question their purpose in life, seek spirituality, seek to fulfill a good life so that their children will know love and peace----then idiot men spring up to constantly sound off---like the squeaky wheel that always needs oiling. Constantly, me,me,me and my d---! Oh shut up!

Good grief, there is more to this world that women having to constantly listen to men complain about not being coddled, stroked, catered to, blah, blah, blah.

So, freemason boy, you know exactly whose stirring this nonsense of men against women.

But then again, you don't ever have to worry---do you? Your life is very cushion-ey! Isn't it?
Yes, freemason boy, you actually are lucky!
Boy, the freedom to be deceptive, never really having to work as hard as the next guy. Hey, perhaps smacking a woman and getting away with it. Being friends with the cops. In general, doing what you please! Oh yes, your parents gave you the greatest gift---being born into a freemason household.

So maybe you should be out there fighting for the rights of the woman struggling to be a good mom and provider to her children, when minus a man.

She needs people like Oprah, and others like her.
To remind herself that she is a lifegiver, not an object of ridicule, abuse, neglect, shame.

Well, you can go now Freeman Boy and attend your 'f--- a virgin on an altar', or perhaps lure a 12 year old to your favorite porno sites.
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