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Default Re: "You are all White Devils"

Bouncer wrote:

OK guys & girls, I have been observing at my location what can only be called a private PSYWAR effort. It is mainly audio messages, very faint voiced both high and low, and in a whispering mode. Some of the message I captured are: "Throw out your Bible, throw it out" "Come to reality, come to Islam", and "How does it feel to be so angry that you could take a human life: that is how it feels to be Black in the United States."
Could this be a "Hearts & Minds" operation to turn the Black community to Islam? I wouldn't be surprised.

And where exactly did you "capture" these messages? And does anyone else know of this?
It's true a very tiny,tiny, percentage of Black Americans are being swept into the Islamic Brigades bcause of Ignorance but take heart the vast magority are Christian and Conservative if you can believe it, it's only the "lamestream Media" which brainwashes everybody into beleiving that the magority of blacks are racist and anti-American. I known alot of Black Americans in my life and they are very patriotic and normal just like most Americans, it's just the Goverment (Illuminati) Race Instigators like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest (dems) types who seek to Divide and Conquer. And also of course you'll find the LIBERAL MORONS (Dems)of the world who rabidly hate anything American.
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