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Default Re: REALITY: Women (Secretly) Want Women with a Dick

These generalizations are annoying to me, but... you do have a point - but realize, you are pointing out the obvious.
I am not the pig that you define as ‘man’, and I treat people with the best of my ability. I know how to treat women. I know their delicate internal workings and emotional complexity, and I am always mindful of it. Love is scarce now, but it isn’t lost. I find most women are always searching for perfect love.
And think please, why the hell do women get involved with these wretched pigs? Learn Kung Fu. Kick some ass. Why not? If another guy slaps your ass, why not empty a can of mace in his face?
The world is a very very f**ked up place now. Come to terms with that and adapt
There are a lot of good guys around. A lot of love – jut look in the right places!
Oh yes, and stop getting charmed into these situations. Learn to use your instincts. Cut to the core.

And definitely, read the article ‘Balance Of The Sexes’ here:
I seriously recommend this to anyone. Read it!
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