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Default Re: REALITY: Women (Secretly) Want Women with a Dick

Your posting is sincere.
Fortunately for me, I am not an abused woman...
nor was my mother or my sister.
Unfortunately for those who are, and those young girls in training to be, I say that their parents never spoke to them about self-respect, values, and purpose.
Just look around your own neighborhood today. Girls as young as 10 and 11 have boyfriends who curse at them, shove them, make them walk 10 paces behind, get the picture!
Where is this all coming from? CONSPIRACY!!!!
Then they bash the 'Oprahs' when they spring up!
With all the crap shoved at our children, especially letting our young boys to treat women/girls in a demeaning manner, I say, that if I were a parent today....I'd truly welcome the idea of 'it takes a village to raise a child'.
I feel the single mom today is outnumbered, if not defeated, by so many avenues of abuse.
Any man today that does not step up to the plate and play HIS role as a parent, nurturer, PROVIDER, should have deep consequences----not just take off or get a divorce.
No, folks, I do not come from abuse. Nor am I seeking a good guy, blah, blah. However, I've noticed that the same people even right here in Club C who offer all kinds articles on conspiracy theory are just a bunch of lowly slobs, not interested in the unity of a country never mind the family, or mate. Their only concerns are that certain freedoms might be taken away can't buy beer on Sunday, or McDonald's might not have super sizes anymore! Then you have the teasers that come to CC who have insight because of their association with those that you and I will never be welcomed to share. Trust me, there are 4 (that I've noticed because of their carelessness)in this CC that are NOT your everyday average guy that feels the same way you do. NO, folks, you have a few here that are part of the filtering of garbage to our youth and society in general.
Anything else...they really don't care about!
You have several right here that seek a 'man's world'! And will sooner give up a beautiful family life than be hissed at by his good ole buddies. What a coward! Any man that succumbs to his low-life buddies haggling doesn't need to associate with those kind. Grow up!
When it comes to the bible, half of these guys that come to CC only speak of it because it is a male dominated religion.
If one (a spirit being) were to come forward and announce that there needs to be a 'truth revelation' --that GOD is of female quality......oy!!!! what an uproar there would be!
So, to sum it up.....welcome all the Oprah's of the world! She just might save somebody's daughter's life!! IF not your own.
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