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Default Re: The GAME IS OVER!

YES, The Game is Over for YOU!!!!!!!!

I'll survive because I have'nt let the NWO turn me into a PANSY like most on this forum, and you know who you are you Masonic piece of shit! The world of theirs will unfortunately will come to realization because of the destruction of MEN and WOMEN, Yes Men have been feminized to the point of no longer giving a damm about their own, let alone their Families survival. Drugs,Alcohol, Pornography, ect, the endless list of depravity engulfs the weak minded idiots.

Women your situation is a direct Result of the Destruction of MANHOOD! I see the writing on the wall, Women turned into RAVING LESBIAN COMMUNIST WHORES in the Universities and School sytems, The Whole idea of family is being EXPUNGED from the minds of EVERYBODY! But as most with thinking brains know this was all PLANNED nice and neatly along time ago, where it will end is up for debate, I know where it ends! you most likely don't have a fucken clue, too bad for you.

The Goverment will KILL more and more to get their GOALS, and they know that nobody will dare raise their FIST or GUNS in protest, this is the lousy world we/I live in......

Dr. Makow is RIGHT!

Learn what he's trying to WARN YOU about.
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