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Default Re: The GAME IS OVER!

It’s Over When We Say It’s Over - :-o :-o :-o

It’s Over When We Say It’s Over

The game is over when we say it’s over.

If all the “yes” men go along, they too will be sacrificed by the NWO. You see, they want the physical world for themselves. They can only accomplish that by literally killing as many people as possible. It works from the top down, via secret circles & organizations. Most of the people following orders don’t even know why they are doing what they are doing. All they think they know is that, they will maintain their financial stability, which many of us have already realized is nothing but illusionary & it can disappear at any minute. However, anyone who knows what love really is, they know that love never dies. Love is stronger than any disease & stronger than any weapon, because you can’t kill love. However, you can turn hate into love.

If everything is meant to be a disaster until the very end, then why continue in the play, why not just snap out of it. The only thing keeping the illusion alive is each individual’s “willingness” to participate in the illusion. Laws or no laws, guns or no guns, if at any one moment an entire section of the population decides they no longer want to “participate” then the entire “Matrix” falls apart, & the “illusion” seizes to exist. Thus, order is only maintained by our collective willingness to participate. And it’s only mental. All it takes is a change of mind. Those who understand & know about creation know that on due time “Christ will take action against Satan & all who follow him.” No one will escape from that judgement, no one. There is still time to “escape” from the “illusion.” There is still time to convert. If we didn’t have “free-will” this wouldn’t be possible. But we do have “free-will.” The end times are obviously “not written” exactly as they will happen. The variables are many. The possibilities as endless. Apparently, we do have it built within our selves to be able to “crush the serpent” ourselves. All it takes is the ability to become “aware.” To truly know the difference between what is truly “right” & truly “wrong” & choose accordingly. Evil is ignorance of God & what awaits humanity.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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