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Default Re: REALITY: Women (Secretly) Want Women with a Dick

You shout 'Conspiracy!' But you should know, it goes far deeper than that. I hope you can learn to see past the issues of society - it is doomed anyway. It is an indisputable fact that the human race is declining into the abyss of extinction. I can assure you, things will only get worse and worse and WORSE! And we must keep strong. We are being squeezed like beans in a coffee press.

There is an issue with the sexes, hey there’s an issue with violence, and issue with gluttony, an issue with love and an issue with everything actually. Right now, we are pretty screwed…
I used to focus on all these problems, but whats the point really? It will get worse – I promise. In this society, there is no hope for progression.
There are however, things you can do, which will aid for a bright future - that is, if we do make it somehow. Always have hope.

Oprah solves nothing. Nobody solves anything (why?) because they are just normal people in a random world of countless opinions. Oprah and the like are only saying what most women would like to say, but I tell you, most women (and men) have no clue what they are doing and saying – all in the pursuit of (their perception of) GOOD, but where is the good? A rapist sees ‘good’ in rape. See what I mean?
And think about this - who owns the media? And these people whom aide the degeneration of our society - would they ever let anything truly GOOD onto your TV screen? Something that will free you from all forms of oppression? No way.

Look within yourself. Remember, outside influence comes from people’s inner influence. There is no more inner influence, just fake f**king ideologies and doomed concepts. God speaks to you within yourself. Remember, God knows best.
And each of us is unique in the way that we understand. This leads to the utter confusion that we find ourselves in.
Love is the key - I don’t need to remind you!
Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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