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Default Coming Our Way: Cosmetics Made From Human Skin

First we found out that Mad Cow Disease arrived in the UK because bones from corpses in India were imported there to be used in cattle feed. Now we’ve learned that a Chinese company is using skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products to sell in Europe. Who knows what strange diseases that will bring!
Ian Cobain and Adam Luck report in The Guardian that the company is using collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments from skin taken from prisoners after they have been shot. We’ve all heard rumors about kidneys being harvested in poor countries for transplantation into patients in the West. There are also legends about hands being removed from executed Chinese prisoners and flown to the West for transplant purposes.

In 2001, a former Chinese military doctor told a US congress human rights group that he had helped surgeons harvest organs from more than 100 executed prisoners. The fresly- killed bodies were dissected in vans parked near the execution grounds, so the organs would remain fresh. Skin was once a highly valuable commodity for burn patients, although artificial skin has now been developed, so this is no longer a priority.

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