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About a week or so ago I get a phone number on my cell-phone. I couldn't place it, didn't look familiar to me. Didn't dial it because, basically, I only use this phone for specific reasons, therefore I expect only phone calls with numbers in my phone book to be returned.

So I went into google and typed in this phone number and it took me to a site with some chatters telling each other that they've received this number numerous times.

Then, they went on to chat about that it is a local number placed by the government or so for eavesdropping.

So I said to myself: "ok, I don't doubt that at all"

So having forgotten about this I continued my day and went on to the library to look up some old TIME Magazines. I come across the May 20, 1966 issue, and boy, one would think that the technology at that time was the 'hair-raising' news of the day!

This is the article then:

Here's an interesting article for today:

By the way, I was angered to find out that , "yes, THEY do read our emails"
be careful what you write, I found out the hard way after disclosing something to a dear friend.
Coincidentally - I started receiving articles, newsletters, and advertisements in regards to the subject matter in my emails. So I thought just that: 'Just a coincidence'

But when you tell someone in your letter that you have 6 toes on one foot and 7 toes on the other...
don't you think it's kinda strange to receive articles or claims of how one can help you with your particular "problem"? Or something to the affect: "Dear Leslie: are you embarassed by a certain body part?" Or, "Dear Leslie, cosmetic surgery can be the answer for you"!

Now keep in mind, if I spoke to my friend about decapitating fish heads as a better believe that I would get advertisements, newsletters and such about fishing, fishing gear, etc.

Try this yourself. Send a 'juicy' email letter to a email address that you'll use just for this experiment. You'll see!!

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